S a n n e   d e   V r i e s

w r i t i n g


m a k i n g


d o i n g

c o n t a c t

b i o

In her practice Sanne de Vries is interested in concepts that play a significant role in our existence, however on which we cannot get a grip, both

in a physical and mental sense. We try to name them, shape them, while they are often phenomena or concepts that cannot be given

a specific name or shape. Intriguing to Sanne is however that in time, we see this assigned name and/or shape as the real thing, we do not seem to be aware of it being something that we shaped or thought of ourselves. For example the concepts of time, emptiness and melancholy are subjects Sanne researches. This contradiction of shifting understanding and meaning is central in her research. Her goal is to get to the core of the subject, what is is, what is was, it’s origin, what words we gave to it, if it is something that we created ourselves and especially how it effects our world today.

Sanne's practice is interdisciplinary by nature. She writes, makes and organises projects or does collaborations in the context of institutions or organisations. In this way she tries to create a practice that moves between different fields of work and knowledge, that is process- and research-based and lastly socially engaged. All these components of her practice -writing, making, doing- differ from each other and are important in their own way. However it is in the combination and interaction between them that forms the core of Sanne's practice.

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