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Mister Motley [2015 - now]

obser’vatie(s) II [2016]

'Op zoek naar de homo • poiëticus' / thesis research / bachelor Fine Art / ArtEZ University of the Arts



‘...and that is poiësis, Greek for making, building, bringing about, realising something. The artist as homo poiëticus, which means, thinking while and through creating, or as Janneke Wesseling puts it: making as knowing.’


'Wat ontstaat er als een kunstenaar en een theoreticus een kindje krijgen?'



A research into artistic research. About the  fusion of art and theory - the specifying and defining of a contemporary form of the artistic practice.

Published by Motley College, Mister Motley. Read it here.

ob•ser’va•tie(s) [2014]

homo  poiëticus [2015]

bitter  zoet [2015]

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