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radboudumc [2016 - present]

ruru buitendienst / research group / SONSBEEK'16: transACTION


Exploring the public space of Arnhem through diverse artistic interventions: that is what ruru buitendienst does, as a research team consisting of committed artists and researchers. They collect and produce knowledge about how the city is used, and by whom, and along the way discover crawling routes and secret paths.


For example, among their publications is Karbon Arnhem File #1: ruru buitendienst. They have also designed alternative city walks that you will soon be able to download as a podcast. Likewise, they are setting up a reading group in which they read aloud the “General Local Regulations of Arnhem” (which are municipal regulations having to do with public order and security), and comb through the blind spots. This research formed the basis of the Wandelingen Publieke Ruimte (Walks in Public Space).


The ruru buitendienst was formed during and for the exhibition SONSBEEK'16: transACTION, which took place in Arnhem during summer 2016 and which was curated by the Indonesian artist collective ruangrupa. The ruru buitendienst will continue it's existence after the exhibition, thereby keeping the bonds between Arnhem and ruangrupa, Indonesia, alive.


For more information and activities see:


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