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radboudumc [2016 - present]

ruru buitendienst [2016 - now]

editorial / research & publication program ruru huis / SONSBEEK'16: transACTION Editorial plays with the concept of ​​publishing. It is a way of generating knowledge and sharing ideas, and not only on paper. This takes place through three “channels”: the ruru buitendienst research group, the ruru huis radio program, and the publication series Karbon Arnhem Files. Curator and editor Sanne Oorthuizen conceptualizes and leads the program, with the support of editorial assistant Sanne de Vries.  Karbon Arnhem FilesFrom colonial history to ecology, and from public space to colouring outside the lines: each Karbon Arnhem File publication highlights a particular issue. In the process, artists, writers, researchers, activists, collectives, designers, and many others work closely with the Editorial team. This results in a cacophony of voices asking critical questions about our daily reality. Karbon Arnhem Files is inspired by ruangrupa's own Karbon magazine, and brings together experimental art and design practices. You can download the Karbon Arnhem Files here.  ruru buitendienst--> see seperate project  ruru huis radioOn ruru huis radio, you can listen to music made by ruru friends, as well as stories and poems by artists who are involved in SONSBEEK '16. You can also listen to interviews with them. Till September 2016 you can listen to the program via ruruhuisradio.nl. Click here to listen to some of these podcasts via Soundcloud.  Editorial LIVE!Editorial LIVE! was a one-day mini-symposium that gave insight into the many activities and friends of the Editorial-programme. Central themes of the day were  the notion of visibility and the fetish of visibility in the art world. These were explored by means of talks, conversations, artistic interventions, snacks en a festive evening picnic. 

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